Tires are one of the most important parts of your car, especially because they are the only part that comes in direct contact with the pavement. That means that they sustain serious wear and tear, which can lead to failure over time. That's why it is important to have your tires regularly inspected, rotated, and changed. Stop by Coastal Mitsubishi in Melbourne, Florida for all your tire service needs.

Tire inspections should be performed as often as possible, but at least once a month. Though it is great to have a certified professional perform these when you have your oil changed, for example, you can also do these at home. According to AAA, you should look for things like:

  •  Over-inflation - this will cause your car to ride unevenly, making blowouts more likely. If wear occurs primarily in the center of the tread and not the edges, it is probably over inflated.
  • Under-inflation - this will cause more friction, lessening tire life and lower fuel economy. Look for wear on the edges of the tire tread, with less wear in the center.
  • Erratic tread wear - this can be caused by the wheel being out of balance or the suspension being damaged. Look for cupping or strange, uneven wear.

When you are driving, you should also pay attention to the noises and feelings you perceive. If there are unusual vibrations or thumping sounds, pull over and look at your tires. Also, if your car pulls to one side it could also be a damaged tire.

Tire rotations are performed in order to distribute wear better, giving your tires longer life. Usually, rotations are performed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, though you should refer to your car manual first.

Tire balancing ensures that your tires are spinning evenly. This is performed by placing small weights on the wheel, which will limit vibration and ensure even wear. Whenever you have new tires added or a damaged tire repaired, ask the mechanic to balance it.

Finally, replace your tires whenever necessary. There is no basic rule of thumb, as it typically depends on driving habits and wear. One trick is to stick a penny in the tread upside-down, and see if anything above Abe's head appears. If so, it's time for new tires. For a more accurate guide, consider buying an inexpensive tread-depth indicator at your local parts store. 

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