New Mitsubishi Mirage

Drive Smart Around Melbourne in the New 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage

Do you drive primarily in the city? Is efficiency a priority? If you answered yes to both of those questions, we at Coastal Mitsubishi think you might be interested in the new 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage. Small and affordable, this compact car is built for a life on the go.

Introducing the Mitsubishi Mirage


When Mitsubishi designed the new Mirage, it was with an eye toward two things: maneuverability and efficiency. The fun starts with the small body, which is a breeze to fit into tiny parking spots. To take things to the next level, the Mirage also features an exceptional turning radius for easier navigation-it's the best in its class at just 15.1 feet. Add in the choice of a manual and automatic transmission, and you have a car that makes short work of urban exploration.

Are you looking to save on fuel around Palm Bay? The Mirage is a great option; it gives you up to 36 mpg in the city, so you can make each tank go farther. Are you heading out on a road trip? The Mirage also gets up to 43 mpg on the highway.

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Effective Safety Systems

No matter where you're going in Vero Beach or beyond, the Mirage's safety systems work to protect you and your passengers. Every trim level comes with a rear-view camera to help you back out of a parking spot with confidence. All you need to do is shift into reverse - as soon as you do, the Mirage's front display shows a live video of the ground behind your car. You'll even see guidelines that help you steer safely and maintain a careful distance between the back bumper and other objects. The Mirage also features an Active Stability Control system, which uses sensors to keep track of the way your tires are gripping the road. In wet or slippery conditions, this system activates the anti-lock brakes as needed to give you extra traction and control.

Hit the road at any time of day or night with peace of mind, thanks to the Mirage's high-visibility lighting system. The LED taillights make it easy for other drivers to see when you're slowing down, and the HID headlights help you to see the road ahead. Live in an area that's prone to fog? The optional fog lights can give you confidence even on misty days.

Under the surface, the Mirage's Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution construction is always working to shield you from harm around West Melbourne. This thoughtfully engineered body uses strategically placed crumple zones that absorb and disperse force to protect you in case of an impact. You'll also get seven airbags that provide extra cushioning when you need it most.

Smart Interior

Hop inside the Mitsubishi Mirage, and you'll discover a remarkably spacious interior. Load up your friends comfortably - the rounded roofline creates ample headroom for the whole crew. With the automatic climate control system, keeping everyone comfortable is a breeze. Heading to school or taking a road trip? The flexible cargo space has you covered. The back seats fold down, giving you up to 17.1 cubic feet of storage.

Our team loves to find cars that help you stay connected and safe on the road. The Mirage delivers, thanks to the available Smartphone-link Display Audio System. It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, so you can simply connect your phone using a USB cable. As soon as you do, you'll see your key smartphone apps on the Mirage's display. Why does that matter? Instead of using your phone, you can simply use the touchscreen to find your favorite tunes or get directions. You can even make phone calls, listen to texts, and send texts using your voice - all while your hands stay safely on the wheel.

Don't have an iPhone or Android phone? This system also features Bluetooth so that you can pair your device for easy, hands-free calling around Rockledge. Just tap a button on the steering wheel, and the car speakers enable you to hear the other person in perfect clarity.

Mirage Trim Options

The Mirage is available in four different trim levels, each with a different combination of features. That way, you can find the right balance of budget and convenience. Here is a breakdown of what to expect from each trim level.

Mirage ES

This is the base-level Mirage model. It offers a huge range of standard features, including a remote keyless entry system and an attractive rear spoiler system. The manual transmission comes standard, but you can also upgrade to an automatic continuously variable transmission. Inside the ES, the six-inch screen pairs with the standard rear-view camera, and the Bluetooth connection enables quick phone connection. Use the standard cruise control to make long drives more comfortable, and rely on the six driver's seat adjustments to create the perfect fit.

Mirage LE

If you need extra connectivity options, the Mirage LE fits the bill. This model comes with the Smartphone-link Display Audio system so that you can take advantage of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto around Melbourne. Make cold winter mornings more pleasant with the heated front seats. On the exterior, this model features black alloy wheels and black side mirrors for an edgy look; inside, you'll find black upholstery with fun red accents.

Mirage SE

The Mirage SE takes convenience to the next level by giving you the FAST-key entry system for easier unlocking and locking. The key automatically connects to the push-button start for quick ignition, which is convenient for your trip around Palm Bay. Fog lights create extra visibility, and the leather-wrapped steering wheel adds an element of luxury.

Mirage GT

The premium Mirage model is the GT. This model comes standard with the continuously variable transmission for effortless gear changes. You'll also get HID headlights for exceptional visibility, heated front seats, and a remote fuel lid release. We love the slick body-color accents, which create an upscale-contemporary vibe.

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