If there's one thing you can practically set your watch by here in Melbourne, FL, it's rain. We're fortunate to live in an area of the country that sees sunny, fair weather almost all year round. But during the summer, you can count on sudden showers like clockwork. But even if the skies open up on you, a little rain here and there doesn't have to ruin your daily commute…at least, not if you own the new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.

Now, when those inevitable downpours come, you want to feel secure and confident behind the wheel. We've all seen how sudden summer storms can slow traffic to a crawl, but with the new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross on your side, you can travel with enviable certainty.

Thanks in large part to its Super All-Wheel Control system, the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross delivers unwavering traction and control, even when road conditions shift from dry to wet. This system makes this car a great crossover for inclement weather, and even some light off-roading if you're feeling a bit adventurous.

But the best feature that the 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has to offer for those times when the weather is less than pleasant is its Rain-sensing Windshield Wipers. Activating at a moment's notice even without driver input, these wipers ensure you have optimal visibility through all your drives, no matter what obstacles Mother Nature might lob in your direction.

Want to see how the new 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross handles in wet weather firsthand. Well, it looks like we've got a week of showers ahead of us, so if you're up to brave the storm, don't hesitate to drop by Coastal Mitsubishi for a test drive today.

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