The Purpose of All Wheel Drive & 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles

Do you know the difference between All Wheel Drive and 4 Wheel Drive? Do know what the benefits are of each? How would you choose one? Let's look.

Unfortunately, not everyone is knowledgeable about the engineering of a vehicle or the differences in the way a car or truck rides in different types of terrain. Let's take a look at what all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive means for a vehicle.

Although they are similar, when it comes to the subject of all-wheel drive, not every all-wheel drive car offers the option to just do front wheel drive from the start. Sometimes you have to wait for enough torque power for all four tires to spin simultaneously. They do not have a lcoking mechanism that allows the differential to stay in gear, which allows all tires to move. A car owner can also only drive on roads with rain and little snow weather.

4 wheel drive vehicles not only provide more torque and power than all-wheel drive cars, but the differential can be locked so that all four tires drive, depending on the low or high gearing. Not only can 4 wheel drive vehicles withstand heavy road and weather conditions, but also can use the power to get out of tough situations such as getting stuck in sand or mud. They also can handle extreme terrain for offroading.

Depending on whether you're on the highway heading to the office or you like taking your truck to the mountains for trailing, making a decision is pretty easy.

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