Ride Confidently with the Right Drivetrain

Getting stuck, due to poor weather conditions or hazardous roadways, can frighten most of us. Those who have all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles seem to not be concerned, and, for a good reason. The benefits of these features are, that they prevent us from getting into trouble, to begin with. Using all four wheels creates better traction and handling. Our staff at Coastal Mitsubishi would like to explain, how they differ from each other.

The all-wheel-drive uses technology that works when necessary. This feature is great for, those who face difficult situations occasionally. For those who live in mountains or areas where difficult driving situations are better off with a four-wheel drive model. This feature uses all four wheels constantly. When the features aren't needed, they can be shut off on most models. If you're uncertain or, happen to be concerned with cost, we can find something for, nearly any budget.

Stop by our Melbourne, FL showroom to see what we can do to get you on the path to smoother and safer driving today!

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