Tips for Staying on Top of Your Coolant Maintenance

As your vehicle motor runs, it produces high temperatures and pressures. While some heat and pressure are necessary for proper cooling system operation, too much of either can damage sensitive and expensive engine parts. To keep this from happening, engine makers designed elaborate radiator pressure-release systems. Some of the component parts of this system include:

Radiator Hoses: These parts route hot and cool fluids to and from the engine, and they must withstand high pressures and temperatures as they do so.

Fittings: The cooling system fittings connect hoses with metal system devices, and these points of contact need to be free of leaks.

Vent Caps: The vent caps regulate system pressures and release excess pressure when necessary.

Thermostat: This important part helps the coolant to remain at consistent temperatures.

Each one of these parts is subject to aging and damage, and thus require regular inspections. At our Melbourne, FL location, our experienced and certified technicians stand ready to give your pressure-regulation systems inspections and repairs. Feel free to come to Coastal Mitsubishi today for a fast and friendly consultation.

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