Maintenance at Coastal Mitsubishi, or Henry down the Street?

We all know "Henry," down the street. He's the greatest mechanic in the world, so says your neighbor's friend-of-a-friend. He works on your car cheap right there in his backyard, and when he's done it purrs like a kitten -- that's what everyone says until something goes wrong, and then you're stuck. No warranty, no backup, no recourse.

What now?

There are "Henrys" in every town across the country competing with dealership service centers. Henry's a great guy, and so are all the lube and oil change shops scattered all over Melbourne. The problem is they don't know your Mitsubishi like a Mitsubishi dealership.

Here in our beautiful city of Melbourne, FL, we here at Coastal Mitsubishi want you to know that our mechanics are factory trained, have the proper tools for your car, and the training to service your specific model properly. We have a quiet, relaxing waiting room for your convenience and will complete and properly service your car back to factory specifications. Say goodbye to Henry and Hello to Coastal Mitsubishi.
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