Your Dashboard Lights Are Telling You Something

You might be driving in your vehicle as you normally do when suddenly, you see a light come on your dashboard that isn't normally on. How do you know if it's minor or serious? Below are few of the most common service lights and what they mean.

Every light on your dashboard means something, and while sometimes they do come on when nothing serious is wrong, it is always a good idea to bring your vehicle in for service. These lights are your cars way of telling you that service is needed.

  • Oil: Usually means your engine oil level is too low and needs more added, or even needs to be changed
  • Check engine: This could have multiple meanings, but usually means a serious engine failure is imminent
  • Temperature: Usually means your coolant level is low, leaking or has a circulation problem

Give our service team a call today to get your vehicle checked out and back to performing at peak efficiency.

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