Understanding Your Dashboard Warning Lights

We all know that those little warning lights on our dashboard that pop up from time to time are trying to tell us something, but do you know what they mean and why they are important? We here at Coastal Mitsubishi know that knowledge is power, and so we want to arm you with the knowledge of your warning lights and what they mean.

The most common lights that you will see come on are your engine light, brake system light, and oil pressure light. Your engine light typically either says ENGINE or will have an amber colored picture of an engine. If you see this come on, it is best to bring your vehicle into our Melbourne, FL and let one of our service techs check the vehicle's computer for a fault code to diagnose the problem.

Your oil pressure light is normally red and will look like a little oil can. This is letting you know that the vehicle has detected a drop-in oil pressure. When this occurs, you should quickly schedule your car or truck for an oil change.

Finally, your brake system will show an exclamation point inside of a circle. If this light comes on in your vehicle, then you could have an issue such as an insufficient amount of brake fluid in the reservoir, or a more complex issue with your anti-lock brakes. Either way, at that point you should consider bringing your vehicle in right away and let us find out how to get your stopping power back on track.

For more information regarding your vehicle’s indicator lights, stop in and see us at 821 W New Haven Avenue!

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